Drunk and Dismembered
You wake up with a splitting headache. What the hell did you do last night? And where are – jail, that's where. And a surprisingly clean cell, you notice. This is particularly noteworthy to you; it's not the first time you've seen the inside of a jail cell. You rub away the sleep as a wonderful headache sinks into a comfortable chair, right behind your eyes.
Looking over at the next cell, you see your brother Henry. He apparently didn't fare as well with the local constabulary; his face is puffy, and quite bruised. He's also, unlike you, handcuffed to his bunk by one hand. He is currently sleeping, or maybe unconscious. You're not sure which.
It's about now that you realize that the police station is completely empty. All the lights are on, but as they start to flicker, you notice that the storm you heard wasn't just in your head. It's raining pretty hard outside, and lightning flashes are coming frequently.
But still… where are the police? The area outside the cells looks to be a typical police station, with desks, phones, and tons of papers. One item does catch your eye though: right there on a desk, not 10 feet from your brother's cell, is a ring of keys. Could one of these keys open the jail cells?
Do you:
Yell for help
Try to wake up your brother